Diaper dermatitis. Care and advice

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Many babies have the well-known diaper rash, which can cause redness, irritation or blisters in the area it covers. It is a dermatological problem due to the friction and moisture generated by the diaper, urine and feces and the type of skin that causes them a lot of discomfort.

This problem is one of the most common pathologies of childhood during the first two years of life, and at least half of all babies suffer from diaper dermatitis at some point. Today we tell you some tips on prevention and care to alleviate the discomfort and address it.


Diaper dermatitis is an inflammation of the genital and perianal area, with redness, tenderness and erosions. An indicator of it is that these symptoms always occur in the area covering the diaper.

This is manifested in the baby's skin with:

  • Granellada (or bud) red in the area of ​​the diaper.

  • Reddish areass with desquamation near the genitals.

  • Grains

  • Bottles.

  • Stains red.

Dermatitis del pañal. Cosejos y cuidados


The skin of babies has a function and structure similar to that of an adult. However, it is very different in some respects. Among others, it is a thinner and thinner skin, so it can be more sensitive to blows and prone to irritations or allergies, and has a neutral pH. That is why, in general, it requires specific care and products.

When dealing with baby skin with diaper dermatitis, it is recommended to change the diaper whenever it is wet with urine or feces, cleaning the area with mild, non-abrasive, perfume-free soaps and drying well. In addition, you can use preventive treatments at every change.

If your baby has diaper rash, also relieve it by ventilating the area leaving it without a diaper for as long as possible. It will also help prevent diaper stickers from touching the skin and prevent them from applying too much pressure, to reduce friction.

Poorly treated diaper rash can lead to fungus and major irritations. If the problem is continuous or extends outside the diaper area consult a healthcare professional. And remember that you always have a pharmacy nearby to ask for advice on how to take care of your baby’s skin in the best way so that it is always as soft as it is.